We design and manufacture all our products using E1 and EN71-3 certified harmless materials, lead free water based paints in accordance with European children safety standards.

Next Generation Schools Çekmeköy Campus has been realized as a Project that we undertake the interior design by including the design principles and excitement of Crocodily in the direction with the organization’s identity,targets,user age range and requests and needs specified by the instution.

Inspired by the colors and the concept which the school has adopted , we have carried this colorful world to every corner of the school,in addition to contributing to the the students’development in design , our goal was to increase their enthusiam and their excitement for coming to school.

First,the entrance hall welcomes you with a fun and entertaining reception.In this area,the concept and the colors of the school and the imagination of Crocodily were combined and a colorful design emerged.

In the corridors,we created units supported by decorative figures that teachers and students can use altogether for both exhibition and activity.In this way , we have created versatile designs that are useful for all and appeal to visual tastes.
Considering the wishes of the institution as a result of the meetings with the school for each class we have designed them which adress the needs and tastes of each age group separately.We have created areas where the children can experience every corner of the space themselves.In this way ,they will feel excited to be here and feel belonged to their class.

While we contribute to the education and development of children with such a Project , we are delighted to create fun and different places to expand their imagination.