We design and manufacture all our products using E1 and EN71-3 certified harmless materials, lead free water based paints in accordance with European children safety standards.

This innovative municipality kindergarten with ‘no walls’ is first of its kind in Turkey. The idea was to create a more relaxed learning environment that encourages students to assume an active role in their own education. We worked with the educators for months to study the education model that will require open spaces designed for various activities. At the end of a long design process, the space is designed according to the activities and with an innovative approach, providing a supportive environment for active learning by giving children skills such as decision making, selection, sorting.

Throughout the open space functional and decorative dividing panels are used. Children can pass from one activity space to another through a maze or through a two-story play-house and find themselves in a different section.

Kucukcekmece Kindergarten is an exemplary kindergarten in Turkey, in the open classroom education system for its design and modern education model.