We design and manufacture all our products using E1 and EN71-3 certified harmless materials, lead free water based paints in accordance with European children safety standards.

Woodsview Preschool Trabya has been realized as a project that we undertake the interior design by including the design principles and excitement of Crocodily in the direction with the organization’s identity,targets,user age range and requests and needs specified by the instution.

We used the warmth of the wood as a material and the stunning effect of the strong colors as red, green and yellow to create a safe and family-friendly environment for the 2-6 years old children.

In the Art Class a comfortable environment is set in where children can express themselves easily and their creativity shows up. The reading corner with green cushions, the wood clouds on the ceiling for activities to be hanged ,colorful game corners and writing boards were designed for their common activities.

We’re very happy to contribute the little ones ‘who learns how to learn’ to successful children with Woodsview project.